We welcome all organizations that meet the eligibility requirements to participate in the Best Banks to Work For program.  To be eligible for consideration, companies must meet the following criteria:

Must have 50 employees working in the U.S.*

Must be one of the following:

  • Commercial Bank
  • Thrift
  • Mutual Association
  • Mutual Savings Bank
  • Savings and Loan Association
  • Savings Bank

*Temporary or seasonal employees, per diem, independent contractors (1099), interns and consultants are not counted as full or part-time permanent employees and are not included in the survey process.

*Organizations with retail or commercial banking as a primary business are eligible to participate. Employees of diversified financial services companies working in mortgage, leasing, wealth management services, real estate, insurance or other ancillary positions are eligible as long as their responsibilities and functions are housed within their company’s commercial or retail banking operation. Similarly, support staff employees that share time working for these diversified organizations (HR, administration, accounting, etc.) are eligible to participate in the survey as long as they spend a significant portion of their time on matters related to the bank business. Only the employees spending a significant portion of their time on bank business are included in the survey process. If you have questions about your organization’s eligibility, please email

Must be one of the following categories based upon asset size:

  • Under $3 billion in assets
  • Between $3 billion and $10 billion in assets
  • Over $10 billion in assets

 Not eligible:

  • Credit Unions
  • Any organization whose parent company’s primary business is not in financial services, such as organizations that are set up specifically to house a credit card business.


American Banker and Best Companies Group reserve the right to exclude any participating organization that does not align with the intent and spirit of the program.

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